Cartel Romería 2015

18th of January or 25th of January or next Sunday, untill the weather is good.

*The date depends of the weather, It is always on Sunday.

Picnic with fresh palm hearts, dry sherry and barbecue: Conil commemorates the feast day of the patron Saint Sebastian.

The Romería de San Sebastián is a pilgrimage. The yearly celebration takes place on the Sunday closest to the 20th of January of each. The Restaurant of Camping Roche will celebrate it, of course. We hope you will come and join us to experience, up close and personally.

How is the party?

 It all starts with a morning mass at the chapel „Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno“. From there the pilgrims (romeros) will escort the statue of the Saint on foot, by carriage, tractor or on horseback over 7 km to the pilgrimage chapel of  Fatima in El Colorado, taking several rests along the way to eat, sing, dance and drink. There will be dry sherry, hearty blood sausage (morcilla), chorizo, bacon, and fresh palm hearts, the so called ‚palmitos‘, a special delicacy reserved exclusively for this occasion. Around 2 p.m. the pilgrims arrive at the chapel. Meanwhile, barbecues are prepared and tables are set by the families to enjoy a picnic in the pine forest with friends and relatives. All the bars and restaurants in Conil will be closed, because the whole village is at the Romeria. Around 6 p.m. St. Sebastian is carried back to his chapel in Conil.

Who was Saint Sebastian?

 Sebastian was a captain in the imperial Roman guard of  Diocletian. When he openly professed to be a Christian, he was condemned to death, and the emperor ordered him to be shot by archers. They left him in the field for dead. Irene, a Christian, found Sebastian still alive and nursed him back to health. Soon after he recovered he went back to the emperor to denounce him for  his cruelty to Christians. This time Diocletian had him beaten to death with clubs. His body was recovered from the sewers of  Rome  and buried by his fellow Christians. The name Sebastian stands for ‚the Sublime‘, ‚the Venerated‘.


THE RESTAURANT OF CAMPING ROCHE offers you a meeting to taste the traditional food and local wine, at 13.00h.

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Drinks: beer, Fino (white wine), Rebujito (white wine+seven up), Red Wine, etc.

Food: grilled meat, pinchito, Spanish omelette, sausage, morcilla (hearty blood sausage), etc.